What is Anti static bag definition?

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What is Anti static bag definition?

What is Anti static bag definition?

Anti-static bags are the most popular plastic packaging in factory of the electronic components and devices.

This is one of the necessary supplies contribute to protection process of production and application.

How anti-static bags work?

Active friction will generate electrical charges, which will adhere to the nearest materials. They will wait until another object of opposite charge approaches; they will discharge into each other and neutralize and cause an explosion effect.

how to ship a motherboard without anti-static bag

Electronic components are extremely sensitive products, even a very small discharge can cause these components to explode and damage.

ESD anti-static bags are the best choice for electronic components packaging. The anti-static ability of the bag helps prevent the formation of internal static electricity. And isolate the products inside from the external electrostatic field; Protecting the product from potential electrostatic damage; ESD bags can also resist electrical interference.

What is Anti static bag definition?

ESD bags usually have a resistance in the range of 10^6 – 10^11, depending on the demand of the customer.

Not only anti-static function, but the ESD anti-static bag can also be a shielding of the electrostatic discharge and electrical waves from external devices .

In addition, using a vacuum bag that prevents the device inside from being exposed to the outside air, is waterproof, moisture-proof and does not oxidize.                     

What is Anti static bag definition?

Where is ESD anti-static bag Factory? How can buy in bulk?

Proline is proud to be a manufacturer of antistatic bags with high quality products and processes for many experienced years verified by BSI ISO 9001.

Film and bags provided by Proline can be customized according to the demands of customers:

Width: up to 1200mm

Thickness: 50 – 200mic

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Proline’s products have been tested for quality by FDA, RoHS, Halogen, ensuring good health for users.

Proline has been a supplier of Samsung, LG, ABB, etc. and components and electronic equipment factories around the world.

Products manufactured by Proline always ensure good quality, competitive prices and the earliest delivery time. We always welcome customers to send inquiries about products, samples will be provided free of charge.

Customers have demand on these bags, please contact whatsapp/wechat: +84 904 691 123 or email sales02.proline.com for advice and support.

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