Anti-static shielding bag


Anti Static Poly bag manufacture by Proline Vietnam: 

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Anti-static shielding bag

1. Function of Anti-static shielding bag

Anti-static shielding bag can protect static-sensitive components from fails such as electronic components and electronic components tray, PC board, IC integrated circuit, CD driver, HD, ....

The inner layer is made from PE film (treatmented or contained anti-static material) which is can remove the static and avoid static generation inside the bag.

Esd antistatic shielding bag

Because of its material and color, shielding bag could prevent moisture and light to protect your product better.

2. Specifications 

ESD shielding bag is laminated film which includes 5 layers, it could be customized structure depends on customer requirements.



Plastic Type:


Bag Type:

Vacuum Bag

Industrial Use:

Electronic components




Custom Size Accepted

Sealing & Handle:

Heat Seal

Custom Order:



Light grey, transparent


Iso 9001, SGS



Surface resistance

10e6 - 10e9 ohms


3. Where is Anti-static shielding bag Factory? How can buy in bulk?

Proline is proud to be a manufacturer of antistatic bags with high quality products and processes for many experienced years verified by BSI ISO 9001.

Film and bags provided by Proline can be customized according to the demands of customers:

Width: up to 1200mm

Thickness: 50 - 200mic

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Proline's products have been tested for quality by FDA, RoHS, Halogen, ensuring good health for users.

Proline has been a supplier of Samsung, LG, ABB, etc. and components and electronic equipment factories around the world.

Products manufactured by Proline always ensure good quality, competitive prices and the earliest delivery time. We always welcome customers to send inquiries about products, samples will be provided free of charge.

Customers have demand on these bags, please contact whatsapp/wechat: +84 904 691 123 or email for advice and support.