Vacuum sealer bags foodsaver


  • Material: customized
  • Color: Transparent, silver,…
  • Width: up to 1200mm
  • Thickness: 50 – 200mic


Vacuum sealer bags foodsaver

1. What is Vacuum sealer bags foodsaver?

Vacuum sealer bag is a kind of packaging alow use keep the food in the removing air condition.                                             Túi nhôm 3 biên      Túi hút chân không PA/PE

2. What is the funtion of Vacuum sealer bags foodsaver?

Storing food in vacuum food bags reduces atmospheric oxygen, limiting the growth of aerobic bacteria or fungi, and preventing the evaporation of volatile components.

Removing oxygen from the container to extend the shelf life of foods and, with flexible package forms, to reduce the volume of the contents and package.

It is also commonly used to store dry foods over a long period of time, such as cereals, nuts, cured meats, cheese, smoked fish, coffee, and potato chips (crisps).

On a more short-term basis, vacuum food bags can also be used to store fresh foods, such as vegetables, meats, and liquids, because it inhibits bacterial growth.

3. What is the material of Vacuum sealer bags foodsaver?

Popluar vacuum food bags is transparent. They are made from laminated transparent film as PET/PE or PA/PE.

In the high range of storage requiment, customer can use the vacuum bags which contain mylar, metallized of aluminum foil material to prevent the light, bring longer storage time.    

                    vacuum sealer bag  

4. How to buy Vacuum sealer bags foodsaver? Where is the factory?

Proline is proud to be a manufacturer of Food Vacuum Bags - Wholesale Factory Price with high quality products and processes for many experienced years verified by BSI ISO 9001.

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Film and bags provided by Proline can be customized according to the demands of customers:

Width: up to 1200mm

Thickness: 50 - 200mic

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Proline's products have been tested for quality by FDA, RoHS, Halogen, ensuring good health for users.

Proline has been a supplier of Samsung, LG, ABB, etc. and components and electronic equipment factories around the world.

Products manufactured by Proline always ensure good quality, competitive prices and the earliest delivery time. We always welcome customers to send inquiries about products, samples will be provided free of charge.

Customers have demand on these bags, please contact whatsapp/wechat: +84 904 691 123 or email for advice and support.


Can we boil food in a vacuum sealed bag?

Yes, you can.

It is a great way to reheat food by boiling in vacuum sealed bags directly.

Stored leftovers or done meal prep will be heat up easier. Your meal will be ready in a short amount of time and take the clean-up proces easier and faster.

Is it better if food stored in an airtight bag under vacuum?

Air tight vacuum will reduce almost/all oxygen inside and prevent it comes inside for a long time. This keep the products inside stay away of oxidation.

How long does food last in a vacuum sealed bag?

Depend on the material of the bags, vacuum sealed food stored in the freezer lasts up to 2 to 3 years.

How to do vacuum bag process?

Family Vacuum Sealing machine have both function of vacuum and seal the bag. You only need put the product inside and let the machine does it work.

So what should we do if we don’t have a machine?

- Vacuum cleaner and hair straightener:

Firstly, use the straightener seal the bag and left a space which is enough for the pump of your vacuum cleaner can go throung.

Use the vacuum cleaner to bring all the oxygen out of the bags.

Quickly seal the rest of the bags then you already have air-tight vacuum bags.

How to order Vacuum Bag For Food?

Proline Vietnam is the factory of Vacuum Bag For Food with several experince year. 

We can customized this bag as customer requirement with best price.

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Whatsapp/wechat: +84 904 691 123


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