Esd bag for electronic component



Esd bag for electronic component

1.What is ESD bag for Electronic component?

ESD bag or Anti static bag for electronic component  is the bags that help prevent the formation of internal static electricity.

This prevents buildup of a static charge on the surface of the bag, as it dissipates the charge to ground.


2.ESD bag Classification


2.1. Anti-static Shielding Bag for GPU

Anti-static Shielding Bag is transparent/translucent, silver gray.

We can see the products inside very easy.

This shielding bag is made up from at least 2 single layers film or more. VMPET is the semi-metallized PET film which cover a very thin of metal. It will be laminated with PE or CPP sometimes for making bags.

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2.2. Anti-static MBB Moisture Barrier Bag for GPU

There are 2 types of MBB Moisture Barrier Bag that customer normally confusing:


- Anti-static High Moisture Barrier Bag:

Or also called Anti-static aluminum bag.

esd bag

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It usually have 3 basic layers or more including aluminum foil film at the middle. It’s opaque.

This foil helps preventing oxidation and can maximize the ability to prevent light and moisture.

Aluminum bags are the most optimal moisture- and light-blocking bags among electronic components bags.


- Anti-static Moisture Barrier Bag:

anti static bags

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Or also called Anti-static metallized bag.

This bag includes 2 base layers metallized film MPET and PE film.

The MPET film is high metallized coated film, opaque, which helps to prevent light.

Metallized bags have better moisture and light preventing properties than shielding bags. The bag has a silver color and high gloss aesthetic.

The bag can be laminated with more than 2 layers depending on the needs of the customer.

The water vapor transmition rate of both Anti-static High Moisture Barrier Bag and Anti-static Moisture Barrier Bag reach <0.005 g/(m2.24h)


2.3. Anti-static Transparent Nylon Bags for GPU

Anti-static Transparent Nylon Bag have at least 2 single layer film. It may be lamination of PA,PET,OPP with PE or CPP

Because of its transparent, the products can be see clearly.

Anti-static Transparent Nylon Bag also adjust 3,4 or more single layer films, depending on requirements.

PA or Nylon – Polyamide film is the most durable and high moisture barrier, PA/PE lamiantion is the most reasonalble material for vacuum and long storage.

The water vapor transmition rate of PA/PE bags produced by Proline reaches <0.005 g/(m2.24h)


anti static bags

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2.4. Anti-static PE bag for GPU

Different from the above bags which are multi-layer composite bags, anti-static PE bag have only 1 layer of PE film, which can be transparent or slightly translucent.

PE anti static bags

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Anti-static PE bag are usually applied to large electronic products, which need large-sized packaging bags.


2.5. Anti-Static Zipper Bag for GPU

Anti-static zipper bag is a bag with 3 sealing side seam with a zipper open top so that the user can close it after use/inspection.

The bag can be reused many times and can be closed without the use of a heat sealer.

With this convenience, the anti-static zipper bag also has the risk and disadvantage of not being sealed when the bag is sealed.                              


3. Comparision of Anti-static Bags



Moisture Barrier

Light Prevention

Bền chắc

PE Bags



Nylon Bags (OPP/PE, PET/PE)





Nylon Bags (PA/PE)





Shielding Bags (VMPET/PE)



MBB bags (MPET/PE)





High Moisture Barrier Bags (PET/AL/PE)






4. Where is ESD anti-static bag Factory? How can buy in bulk?

Proline is proud to be a manufacturer of antistatic bags with high quality products and processes for many experienced years verified by BSI ISO 9001.

Film and bags provided by Proline can be customized according to the demands of customers:

Width: up to 1200mm

Thickness: 50 - 200mic

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Proline's products have been tested for quality by FDA, RoHS, Halogen, ensuring good health for users.

Proline has been a supplier of Samsung, LG, ABB, etc. and components and electronic equipment factories around the world.

Products manufactured by Proline always ensure good quality, competitive prices and the earliest delivery time. We always welcome customers to send inquiries about products, samples will be provided free of charge.

Customers have demand on these bags, please contact whatsapp/wechat: +84 904 691 123 or email for advice and support.